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 Prepare For Your First Motorcycle Ride This Spring in McKinney

If you're a motorcycle rider chances are you are eagerly awaiting warm spring weather. Temperatures heating up and winter storms becoming a part of the past are great signs indicating we are getting closer to riding season again. As you prepare to take your motorcycle out of storage, Best 4 Engines in McKinney has some spring maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Start With a Wash

Although your motorcycle was stored and kept under wraps during the winter, chances are some moisture and dust still found their way to your ride. Give your motorcycle a good wash to remove all this buildup and have a better view of its components. Remember to dry it well and wax it for extra protection.

Take Care of Your Tires

Once your tires are clean start by filling them up to the correct air pressure. Taking care of these two tasks will allow you to inspect your tires better. Look out for cracks, flat spots, bulges and other signs of trouble that could indicate you need replacement tires. Look out for wear, especially if wear bars are showing at tread level.

Charge Your Motorcycle Battery

For those who remembered to connect their battery to a trickle charger over the winter months, your battery should be good to go. The same goes for those who charged their battery every couple weeks over the winter. If you didn't remember to do either, your battery may have lost its charge or even be worse off. Allowing your battery to lose its charge can cut down its lifespan. Connect it to its charger and allow it to charge completely before going out for a ride.

Change Your Motorcycle's Oil

As you prepare your motorcycle for the spring remember to give it an oil change. For the best results, consider making it a full synthetic oil change in McKinney! Find the best AMSOIL Oil and synthetic oil deals for your vehicle by contacting Best 4 Engines in McKinney. Reach us at (972) 346- 2806 for more information about our products or to place an order.

Be Prepared for the Road

Once you're motorcycle is ready to take on the spring roads, there is still more preparation that needs to be done. Shift the focus to yourself and be sure you're adequately prepared to ride your motorcycle again.

The Correct Motorcycle Gear

No matter the season, there are certain motorcycle riding rules that must always be followed. Included in these unbendable rules is using the appropriate gear for the road. Always wear a helmet with a face mask, long pants, long sleeves, over the ankle boots and gloves. These items will keep you better protected should you have any issues on the road. Since early spring weather may not be quite hot yet, do wear warm clothing as you ride. Light, breathable but warm fabrics will be your best bet this season, especially if you plan to ride before sunrise or after sunset. Check the weather forecast before heading out so you don't get caught in the rain unprepared.

Work Your Way Up

Because your motorcycle has been in storage for so long, you're probably very eager to get back on it. However, avoid rushing into things and putting yourself in danger. Even if you're a lifelong motorcycle rider, you may need some time to adjust and get back into riding shape. Start off slow since your reaction time may not be the same as it was when you stored your motorcycle. Slow down and feel out the roads before pushing yourself and your motorcycle too hard.

Be Aware of Road Conditions

After a long winter the roads may not be the same as they were before you stored your motorcycle. Stay alert and pay attention to road conditions at all times. Look out for potholes caused by winter storms and avoid driving over debris that may be hiding other road issues. If the weather is still quite cold, keep a lookout for ice and other slippery road conditions. Avoid riding through sand and salt used to melt winter snow. As the weather gets warmer these issues will start to be less of a nuisance, but for now stay as alert as possible.

Full Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in McKinney

Prepare your motorcycle for the spring with a full synthetic oil in McKinney. Contact Best 4 Engines in McKinney at (972) 346- 2806 for more information about our AMSOIL products, including synthetic oil and oil filters. Don't forget to ask about our synthetic oil deals and specials. Be sure to check out our online shop for a full selection of the best AMSOIL products for your vehicle.


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