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How to Store Your Boat this Winter in Denton County

The winter weather reduces your opportunities to enjoy time out on your boat. To help prevent damage to your boat this season, it's best to remove it from the water and store it. Storage doesn't just require that you park your boat in your yard and cover it, there are other steps you should take to ensure your boat is well taken care of all season. Best 4 Engines in Denton County has some useful tips to help you store your boat properly this season.

Remove Your Boat from the Water

The first step to properly winterizing your boat is pulling out of the water. You can use a trailer or a forklift to properly remove your boat and transfer it to it's winter location. Store it in a flat and solid area for the best conditions. Use either cement blocks or a boat stand to block your boat, making sure the weight is distributed evenly. Doing so will help reduce stress and wear on your boat during the winter.

Change Your Boat's Oil

To prevent wear in your boat's engine during storage, change your oil filter and flush out the old oil. This will help remove any water that may have gotten into your oil system. Replace the old oil with new oil in order to prevent the corrosion caused by old oil.

Prevent Rust with Fogging Oil

Fogging oil is a great tool that will help lubricate the internal parts of your boat, such as the piston rings. It will also help prevent rust and corrosion in the internal parts while you keep it stored and out of use. Before spraying fogging oil into your boat's carburetor and spark plug holes, start your engine for best results. Consult your owner's manual for the best specific instructions for your particular boat.

Take Care of the Drive Belts

The drive belts in your boat tend to be kept under tension while the boat is in use. This is unnecessary while it's in storage and may even cause extra stress. This added stress can contribute to cracks and wear. You can loosen the drive belts to prevent this or even remove them completely while it is stored.

Drain the Coolant

The first step in taking care of the coolant is draining the old coolant. After draining it, flush the system with water. Use new antifreeze and fill the receptacle following the specifications it comes with. This step will help ensure your boat doesn't suffer corrosion during the winter months. Before changing your boat's oil this winter, be sure you know all the benefits of giving it a synthetic oil change in Denton County! To find the best AMSOIL Oil for your engine, contact Best 4 Engines in Denton County. Give us a call at (972) 346- 2806 for more information about our products or to place an order. Don't forget to check out AMSOIL's Signature Series synthetic oils!

Your Boat's Battery

Like motorcycle batteries, a boat's battery will drain over the winter months even if the boat isn't in use. To prevent a dead battery once boating season starts again, disconnect the battery while your boat is in storage. Charge it over the winter months in order to ensure it's ready to go once the spring arrives.

Gas and Fuel Stabilizer

If your gas tank is empty, it is likely condensation will build up in it and cause corrosion and rust in the tank. Prevent this from happening to your boat by filling your gas tank even though your boat is being stored. Add in some fuel stabilizer in order to ensure your fuel is ready for use in the spring. Remember to follow your fuel stabilizer instructions for the best results.

Seal Entrance Ways

While your boat is in storage, pests and bugs may decide it makes a good home. To prevent pests from making their way into small entryways, seal the exhaust port and any other entryways. You can use duct tape or exhaust plugs depending on the size of the opening.

Give it a Good Wash

A clean boat is the best boat. Give the inside of your boat a good cleaning and then give it a wash. Once you have washed your boat, wax it to prevent exterior damage. Wax is a great way to prevent corrosion on your boat, especially if you're storing it outdoors.

Cover Your Boat

Finish winterizing your boat by covering it. A properly fitting boat cover will protect your boat from moisture, corrosion and dirt while it's in storage. Your boat will be in better condition come spring when properly covered while in storage.

Synthetic Oil Change in Denton County

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