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Improve Your Vehicle's Gas Mileage This Winter

If you've notices a decrease in your vehicle's fuel efficiency this winter, you're not alone. The colder temperatures and seasonal conditions can negatively affect your fuel economy. To help you conserve more fuel and spend less at the pump, Best 4 Engines in Prosper has some simple tips that are easy to follow.

Follow the Speed Limit

As you drive down the highway, remember that speed limits are set for a reason. Not only do they help guarantee your safety on the road, they also help conserve fuel. If you drive faster than the set limits on the highways, you risk spending more on fuel. Leave your house on time or with time to spare in order to cut down on speeding through traffic.

Go Easy On the Gas and Brake

Going easy on your gas and bake pedals will help you conserve fuel during all seasons. Sudden starts and sudden stops are not only dangerous for your car and your safety, they can also waste fuel. Ease into your stops instead of braking at the last moment and gently press the accelerator when taking off. Reducing these types of aggressive driving habits is a great way to get better gas mileage.

Park in A Warm Area

The freezing outdoor temperatures won't only affect your health, they can also take a toll on your engine. If your car is exposed to the cold, its fluids can become thicker and have a harder time flowing. This is especially true for conventional motor oil. When fluids have a hard time moving, they leave parts of your vehicle exposed to damage. The added friction this causes makes your car work harder and waste more fuel. To prevent this from happening, park your car in an indoor area, preferably one that is heated. An indoor garage is an example of an ideal parking space.

Plan Your Errands Ahead of Time

Planning your errands ahead of time can help you conserve fuel in two ways. First, combine multiple trips into one longer trip. By doing this, you will reduce the amount of cold starts forced on your engine. Because cold starts require your car to work its way back up to its operating temperature, they cause more strain on your engine. By combining multiple trips, you are ensuring your engine stays warmer in between stops and doesn't have to work as hard. The second benefit is that you can plan a more convenient route that will require less driving. Both of these benefits are convenient and will help you save at the pump. Before getting an oil change this winter, consider making it a synthetic oil change in Prosper! To find the best AMSOIL Oil for your engine, contact Best 4 Engines in Prosper. Give us a call at (972) 346- 2806 for more information about our products or to place an order. Don't forget to check out AMSOIL's Signature Series synthetic oils!

Lighten Your Load

The winter months provide a great opportunity for festive road trips. If you use a roof rack to transport your luggage during trips, be sure to remove it as soon as it is no longer necessary. The added weight of such an item can cause you to lose fuel efficiency. Remember that having an object on top of your car will create more wind resistance and reduce your aerodynamics. This will also cause your vehicle to waste more fuel.

Use the Right Oil

The winter season is the perfect time to make the switch to a full synthetic oil. Unlike conventional oils, synthetic oils can hold into their fluidity better in freezing climates. Your engine will be better protected, even on cold starts. The added protection on your engine will force it to strain less and will contribute to added fuel efficiency. This is just one of the many benefits of using a synthetic oil.

Check Your Tire Pressure

The cold winter temperatures can also take a toll on your tires. The freezing temperatures will make your tires lose pressure throughout the season. This reduced pressure leads to reduced traction and a decrease in gas mileage. To prevent this from becoming an issue, check your tire pressure regularly and inflate your tires to their recommended pressure.

Synthetic Oil Change in Prosper

If you're looking for synthetic oil in Prosper contact Best 4 Engines in Prosper. Give us a call at (972) 346- 2806 for more information about our AMSOIL Oil products or to place an order. Be sure to check out our online shop for a full selection of the best AMSOIL products for your vehicle.


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